Improving Lives Through Fish Farming

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Fish remains the cheapest source of protein in the diet of about 60% of the population of Nigeria as against its close substitutes of chicken, beef and pork. However, the 11kg per capita fish consumption in Nigeria is still very low compared to the global average of 21kg. With about three million metric tonnes annual demand and a local production of less than 50%, comes the opportunity for job and wealth creation.

A point of note is that more than 70% of local supplies are farmed through small holder farms in ponds. Therefore, fish farming in Nigeria has the potential to address the needs for job creation, generation of supplementary income, nutrition improvement in the rural areas and creation of multiple income channels. 

The most farmed fish in Nigeria is the catfish mainly due to the leaps made by researchers in its breeding and adaption over the years. It has been conditioned to breed under the roof in the increasingly popular Water recirculation System, where large quantities of fish can be produced in a short time of between 12 – 16 weeks to reach market weight. In addition, the local selling price of catfish per kilo guarantees good Return on Investment (ROI).

Our project, located in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria, is a startup small holder catfish production and processing farm using environment friendly Tarpaulin Ponds. The reasons for this system are not farfetched:

Lack of large bodies of natural water in northern Nigeria.

Used waters are channeled to irrigate nearby fruits and vegetable plantations

Awareness for greater numbers of our people to take into fish farming.

Current security issues that affects sighting farms far away from homes.

Societal benefits of our project include:

Improving nutrition of our communities.

Creating multiple direct and indirect employments thereby generating wealth.

Helping in curbing extreme behaviors currently ravaging Northern Nigeria as a result of poverty and hunger.



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