Incentivizing a Decentralized Renewable Resources Economy

About Solution

The Challenge

The root cause of climate change that lead to food shortage and water scarcity is human behavior. To combat short-sighted behavior on irresponsible resource production and consumption, we demand a holistic approach to shift government and citizen's attitude and behavior toward sustainable practice.

Our Solution is simple: Incentivizing a Decentralized Renewable Resources Economy


Bring back and modernize local small farmers and producers to re-build our local food and water supply system to strike a balance to the global resources production landscape

Renewable Resources Economy:

Facilitate a Circular economy from a Linear one on a practical level that will interlink 3 Renewable Resources realm: The Food, Water, Energy Nexus.


A modernized incentive system that will utilize latest mobile and blockchain technology to unlock the impossibles.

How it works

We are both Hardware Developer and Platform Builder. The solution has 3 components:

  • WATERIG Hardware Ecosystem helps to modernize local small farmers on adopting sustainable practice and . Integrated tools on the digital platform (such as tokenized crowdfunding that complies to local law) incentivize more people to participate and contribute to the localized food system. We aggregate technologies around the globe and co-develop hardware with manufacturers. For food, we have low cost container farm, algae farming, Bio-reactor solutions.. and more. For Water, we have water-from-air tech, rainwater collection, mobile waste treatment solutions.. and more. Our low cost hardware will feed production and logistic data onto a blockchain via IoT devices.
  • RBEN Digital Platform aims to connect producers to suppliers and to equipment providers, it also helps match-making regional consumers. Producers will be able to sell direct to consumers and to optimize timing for production to reach market/consumers, hence reduce food waste and boost overall market efficiency. Users can transact their surplus resource with ease and transactions involving the exchange of food, water and energy can now be done digitally and will be recorded on a blockchain with transparency and strong data integrity. All these greatly improve food/water safety and traceability.
  • The Blockchain Backbone not only capture production, logistic & transaction data, it will support the issuance of incentive tools that will help to shape the future of the Decentralized economy. These tools include platform token that could facilitate the exchange of food and water; that could enable crowd-funding for local hardware establishment and more.

Hardware serve as production NODE to build physical resources;

Platform serves as the FABRIC interlinking nodes and participants;

Blockchain serve as the BACKBONE to log data and to define relationship.


We are building these 3 components step by step, collaborating with entities like vertical farms, national park, real estate developer, blockchain consultancies and other green startups. we are actively recruiting agriculture and water experts, including a near future acquisition of a Canadian platform in order to boost client base for faster adoption around the globe.

We are launching our hardware pilot program in China since Q4 2018 to initiate future sustainable income flow. We have been paving the path for a beta platform launch in Q2 2019. A Blockchain team is being formed in Q1 2019. We are seeking for seed investment to fast track our progress on platform prototype setup, acquisition completion, advance brand building, user adoption and hardware commercialization.



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