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From 20 years of experience, I understood that neither new technologies such as the internet or computer nor democratic legal systems can help to bring justice and peace around the world.

One of the key issues is the mindset of people, especially, in different parts of the world. The mindset is based on social factors, religions, nationalities, languages, and cultures. The mindset and thinking can be changed only via continuous information, education and interaction, which should be provided to decision-makers and audiences.

There are many options to bring justice and peace. Not only by selling guns and political influence to protect the interests of minorities.  In this case, we know that someone is trying to benefit from every single war in the world. But to attract the most active and best minds.

My idea is to organize a serious of talks with key leaders who participate in various global forums and ask them about their recommendations to the global and local communities. These valuable ideas should be translated and spread via social media and you tube to reach more and more people around the world. The sample of the talk in the link below: 

In the long run, my idea is to create an online peace platform where one could talk and find common solutions and decisions for peace with the help of peace experts not only on a local level but also with good international practitioners. The online platform will be addressing all the key global issues on justice, human rights, and peace involving experts of international organizations, funds, and peace missioners. 



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