Infinite Cleane Energy Extraction

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I'am the first one in the world and in the history, that confirmed mathemùatcaly and philosophicaly the existance of infinite and cleane energy. a could have a patent on this subject, knowing that before it was impossible, I hade the pattent because, I Arrived to confime it as you ca see in the joined PDF file 

installing wind turbines, photovoltaic and other systems to produce clean and abundant energy, is a very important project that makes us dreaming, and for good reason, even if we do not talk about the greenhouse effect. Breathe an even purer air and to have an even cleaner environment are sufficient reasons to move towards the use of these sources of energy.

But, if we takes into account the real conditions, such as the world population growth, the demand of better standards of living, and many technical constraints, we find that for several real reasons, all the systems of production of clean energy conceived currently do not represent a real solution for our real problems. an analysis that ends with a proposal that ends with a proposal as a solution for this contemporary problem that caused several sub problems in almost all parts of human life, which is energy and it sources. Basing on a vision of renewable energy and a mathematical model that represents certain physical phenomena, at the end, we could put a theory that can be useful for solving many of these problems. The presentation of this work is done in detailed way and easy to understand. 

From the low of magnetic field, we have replaced the characteristics of electron (size and speed ...), the later led us to one of most verified lows of electricity, which is the Coulomb low. Biasing on this result, we introduced another real parameter which is relativity of the physical quantities by the replacement of what led us to the Coulomb force. All this brought us to the conclusion that justifies the behaviour mentioned at the very beginning. It is the existence of the Infinite Energy. the sistem that explanes the way to extract this energy is in patent description in the international publication on WIPO, World Intelectual property Organsation under the number: WO/2018/213892.

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