Infinite Hydro Power Generator

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Hello everyone. Before I begin, I would like to thank God for helping me to come up with the challenge solution. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid and all His partners for taking an initiative to improve the lives of humanity. Today I’m going to take up the sustainable energy challenge. Nicola Tesla Invented the hydro electricity, but we all know that it only works when water falls is present. The question is, what if there’s no water falls? like in isolated areas. So, here comes my solution. I designed a 30 feet in height concrete water tank with the size of 16’X8’X4’ that contains 2,560 gallons of water. That amount is enough to rotate the hydro wheel which I installed in the middle of the dynamo and an impeller. Both ends are connected by a shaft, carefully modified for a synchronize rotation.As water passes through the pvc pipe and flow to the hydro wheel, it will rotate, and as it rotates, there will be a synchronize rotation between the dynamo and the impeller. The dynamo on one side produces electricity, and on the other end, the impeller pumps up the water that falls to the catch basin (water tank below) and put it back to the water tank above. Together it produces cheap and affordable electricity for everybody. No fuel is used, this is the real clean energy and an environment friendly. There will be no more brownout and everybody can enjoy the presence of electricity rain or shine. All together I called it "Infinite Hydro Power Generator. Once the operation is up and running it will be endless just like the title "Infinite".Not only that, you can also utilize the water tank at the middle of the structure to raise fish, this project serves a double purpose. See illustrated drawings, or watch the video on youtube.



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