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Ordering food online is ubiquitous. 2 million orders are being placed every day with food aggregators daily in India. But what gets ignored is the innumerable single-use plastic containers, plastic cutlery that comes along with these orders which get readily disposed of. The online food delivery system in India leads to about 3600 tonnes of plastic being dumped into landfills every month.

Our solution, i.e. InfinityBox™ is a revolutionizing concept aimed towards creating a circular economy for reusable and recyclable environment-friendly food packaging containers. A future where food containers can be used more than 100 times and reverse logistics is hassle-free; InfinityBox™ is how one can give back to the environment while enjoying their meal in a food-grade container.

Consumers will have an option to opt for InfinityBox when ordering online instead of single-use plastic. After delivery, consumers will be incentivized by lower packaging fees to return the containers either in-situ or by scheduling a pick-up, return at next order or dispose of them in our strategically placed smart bins. These containers are then washed, sanitized through our hygiene management process with every container passing through the devised CTQs before being delivered back to the partner restaurants. One InfinityBox used 40 times emits ten times fewer greenhouse gases as compared to single-use plastics. Our unique business model adds value to all stakeholders i.e. consumers, restaurants, food aggregators, and our environment.

Sustainable consumption and production resonate with our core values. According to some conservative estimates, if we capture just 20% of the market share of Swiggy (India's top food delivery aggregator with whom we are running a pilot at present) in one city, we will be able to reduce 200,000kgs of plastic from being dumped into landfills in just two years. More than 800,000 orders would have used InfinityBox and been made aware of the plastic pollution menace. Having piloted in 3 cities, we've partnered with over 18 restaurants, reached out to 30k+ people via social media and have reduced over 50kgs of plastic from being dumped into landfills. A healthy 70% adoption rate in our pilots and 92% of the 1000+ respondents of our survey feeling that the menace caused by single-use plastics needs to be addressed indicates user acceptance.



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