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The actual context globalization makes the whole world enter an era essentially based on information and knowledge. Our daily life is more and more marked by information technology. The development challenge found expression in the various participants capacity to share and organize the information exchange. For this reason,  it is necessary to make internet accessible to everybody and it depends mainly on the availability of  telecommunication infrastructures.

My project is about setting up an green energy  informatic center in rural areas where people can firstly  have free internet access.

In our countries, spread the information and telecommunication technologies, especially internet seem obviously like a challenge that must be taken up. Internet access for everybody is a social and cultural matter of priority in order to face up to the digital divide whether social or geographic. This divide is remarkable in rural area : rural areas are less profitable for operators ; who already have to deal with the lack of telecommunication infrastructures.

Apart from the lack of infrastructure, another barriers are connected  to internet use. Softwares and services are not adapted to the locals needs because they are designed according to a different economical and cultural system and meant first and foremost for users who don’t live the reality of developping country populations.

So in a second time, it will be a training center to make people be aware of the way to use internet for their activities promotion. Because the attract of informatic tools have  touched even people in rural areas especially the young one, the center will train the youth in information and technology science. Internet must be considered as a basic tool of communication used as  social and economical development lever of the rural areas



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