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When thinking  of literacy  among youth, one should never neglect disabled youth who are usually overlooked. With that in mind we defined the scope of youth we wanted to build upon our business which are youth with Autism.

We had to figure how to first, treat Autism  and also guarantee a decent educational career   for Autist through our business idea: INNER CHANGE.

According to Autism Speaks and the CDC, research showed that in the United States “1 in 59 children have  Autism. Youth  with the disorder have challenges in behavior, social skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as sensory and attention issues that impact their lives, but also have unique identities and  preferences just like anyone else.

But how can we integrate them in the labor force and give them the opportunity to become creative, ambitious and mark their contributions with added value to the economy as a whole?

The fast forward moving technology inspired us and with the research we have conducted,  we found out the solutions lies with a simple machinery tool: Virtual reality.

The VR treatment is based on the exposure therapy which is to “expose” individuals to the things they fear and avoid like a job interview . VR treatments is based on the following steps:

Early Identification and Nurturing of Special Abilities: Creating intelligent and interactive tools to identify and nurture interests in the arts, science, and technology fields. Individuals should be allowed to find their own strengths and interests as opposed to being forced into templated activities.

Virtual and Personalized Training : Constructing intelligent and adaptive training programs that help individuals overcome identified challenges in academics, social interactions, and general life skills. The training would be available as needed, in a variety of modalities, in a virtual and personalized environment.

We will teach youth how to communicate, how to paint, how to design, how to code, how to pich a project idea. We will teach them how transform their lives through virtual reality.


Autists are no longer a minority, Their number are growing rabidly and the world need to include them among the labor force.

We don’t need to help Youth who are perfectly healthy and have no disability. We believe that a change comes within and we can’t push someone who is more that capable of getting himself educated or self-educated. We want to invest on youth who are lacking support, lacking guidance and lacking approval because of an illness that is out of their control and didn’t ask for.

We hope to lead a generation of change; a change based on appreciating the skills of everyone; a change based on neglecting what divide us and focus more on what unit us, which is our humanity. We together, if we stand as a whole, will be able to change the norms of the usual and create the unusual. We will do exactly that through Inner change. And we hope that we convinced you to do so.




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