Innovation of PEMF (Potential Electro Motion Force)

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Inside of electric motor and generator occurred undue obstruction electric current in transform of energy. This obstruction occurred by incommensurate electron figure that flow between area that electron flow in wire and these phenomena caused by skin-effect. Increase flows area by innovative multi wires method will decrease electrons obstruction and heat so the rotation of electric motor will increase because of better transform of energy. Electrons flow and potential difference or voltage is conjunction of cause effect of electro motion force in electromagnetic induction in generator. Increasing potential and reactivity of electro motion force can increase that cause effect conjunction. Increasing potential reactivity electron move is main idea of PEMF method and it method increasing production of potential difference in electromagnetic induction by applicate new innovations in major part of electric motor and generator better energy transformation will appears.

In rotation rotor toward stator of all electric motor coursed by fluctuation frequencies pattern of electric current in wound of rotor or stator. Fluctuation of electric current generate skin-effect in wire and induce decreasing area that electron flow thus it need innovative method to solve this trouble. High density motor is the electric motor that concern to solve problem in fluctuation electric current in it wound and it connector. Technology that concern in decrease electron obstruction in electric fluctuation current of electric motor call multi wires method. Multi wires method is the method that increase electron flow area with substitute single or parallel wire to several wires that all wires have equal size with wires that substituted. The grade of optimization is proportionate the grade of distraction of electric flows. Multi wire method can increase torque on All kinds of motor with same shape factor without increase scale and input power. Electric motor with multi wire method can increase multi times torque with same input power that can substitute to decrease input power to reach same rotation and torque with conventional electric motor, so this method is more efficient and green than conventional method. This method can decrease production cost, decrease operational cost of electric motor, decrease heat, decrease weight or it could make longer life of battery and more advantages. Multi wires method is a novel technology in electric motor.



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