Insects and Nanotechnology

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The world is suffering now from climate change crises that threaten the planet with future risks, Humanity is trying hard to find ideal solutions. The most important causes are thermal emissions and harmful gases (carbon dioxide/ methane/ Nitrogen) resulting from the decomposition of organic waste, which according to the UN report; livestock breeding Only 18% of emissions are generated compared to car exhausts, which represent 13%. The solutions: 1-Feeding earthworms (which dispose the output of dry, green, animals, manure and agricultural waste producing Vermicompost). 2
Feeding Black soldier fly insects which dispose the organic waste of (Houses, restaurants and factories) producing (Frass/ Chitin) products that can be improved and developed using Nanotechnology for more efficient. When looking at the issue, we find from our point of view that achieving the solution should include several standards, classified as (real/ unique and new/ durable for individuals to participate/ Biosafety/ economic and profitable/ sustainable in the future. Standards Real: Reliance on insects as an industry is already present in different countries all over the world. Unique and new: It is rare to find such industry in the Arab world, which is characterized by the presence of a huge amounts of organic waste. Durable for individuals’ practice: Anyone can raise worms and insects in small scales and dispose of his organic waste. Biosafety: By using simple precautions while dealing with organic waste in the whole manufacture processes, we can achieve the safety because the insects and worms have no harmful effect on the environment. Profitable: Besides the disposal of the organic waste, Earthworms can produce Vermicompost and its derivatives to be used in Organic agriculture and Black soldier fly can produce Chitin & Chitosan to be used in Pharmaceutical, Medical and Water addition, Nanotechnology can alter the above products for more efficient. Sustainable: Insects and worms reproduce by large quantities within short period 40-60 days. Hence, we can increase our capacity and profitability by a tremendous way. Results
Contribute in reducing the emissions of heat and gases that cause global warming.
Dispose of tons of organic waste by biosafety way.
Achieving the sustainable economic return through different products of nanotechnology materials.
Preserving the environment from pollution and diseases resulting from the presence of organic waste



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