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About Solution

InstaGreen is a vertical hydroponic urban farming start-up. We provide fresh and nutritious food while doing good to the planet and people. We developed a unique product-service solution that spans the entire chain:

  • Modular hydroponic cultivation systems for food with highest nutritional values: microgreens
  • E-logistics for CO2 free deliveries
  • Business models for small
    medium sized local professional farms
  • Educational materials to train people set up a farm

Hidden hunger: 20-25% world population suffers from malnutrition. Microgreens are the most nutrient-dense foods available on the planet. With microgreens we can help the most vulnerable people get sufficient nutrients every day for proper development. Furthermore microgreens can be transported alive and harvested on site. Minimising food waste at each stage and ensuring all nutrients are consumed.

Not only can we reach 90% water-saving with indoor hydroponics we can ensure human rights like food security and nutrition. Microgreens are easy to grow require little space and grow fast. That makes them a great product to start a small to medium sized urban business with.We use High-Tech where useful and Low-Tech for everything else. We call that pragmatic innovation. This keeps the investment costs low and the operation simple. This approach makes it possible for individual entrepreneurs to start their nutrition farm in their city and serve their community with fresh nutritious food all year round.

Currently we train people in our farm in Spain. We are building an online training program to help more people globally start their own local nutrition farms with our modular hydroponic systems. This way we scale our company and global impact.



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