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Our project proposition seeks to concomitantly address the issues of waste collection in the municipalities, and the predominant utilization of charcoal and firewood for cooking. Through a partnership with the local government and leaders, a Community Activation Program (CAP) will be instituted in cities to collect waste from households. Then the collected waste will be processed into biofertilizer and biogas. Our biofertilizer will be channeled to the farmers to improve soil fertility and increase crop yield while the biogas will be delivered directly to homes for use as non-polluting cooking fuel.

Our actions will be taken through the implementation of a project planned in two phases:

In Phase 1, we will address the major issue of waste collection. We will instate a specific framework called Community Activation Program (CAP) to secure full participation of community members, leaders, and government representatives in waste collection. In each community, a permanent Waste Collection Committee will be formed with municipal officials and local leaders. The committee will team up with our Field Managers and Community Facilitators to activate, educate, and energize the targetted population, and maintain a standard of cleanliness in the relevant communities. Other than that, a cheap waste collection service will be provided to reinforce the municipal waste collection and a waste fund will be constituted to sustain waste collection activities and support the Waste Collection Committee.The implementation of the CAP and the institution of the waste collection system will provide a steady and reliable supply of organic waste to implement the next phase.

In Phase 2, we will implement a series of biodigesters in collaboration with the municipalities to daily transform the collected organic materials into biogas and biofertilizer. The biogas produced will be used as a non-polluting fuel for domestic cooking while the biofertilizer will be delivered to the farmers as an organic amendment to improve soil fertility and increase crop yield.

We aim the break the cycle of energy precariousness and haphazard waste management by structuring the waste collection in the developing municipalities, offering an affordable waste collection service to the low-and-middle-income households; and promoting biogas and biofertilizer respectively for domestic cooking and agriculture.



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