Integrated Value Supply Chain Development (VASUCHADE)

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Our Company Integrates Value Addition with Supply Chain Development as a business model to uplifting the Peoples’ standard of living by involving them as active stake holders participating in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. So, by investing in this business model, we are:

  • Fighting poverty, hunger, ignorance, reduce Gender Based Violence (GBV),
  • Increasing competitiveness and give comparative advantages to communities traditionally left out of trade opportunities,
  • Empowering rural communities to move across skills, industries, and regions
  • Facilitate the integration of rural markets with the global economy

This model determines what the product fetches from the customers in the competitive world market. Poor countries are failing to competitively improve the quality and quantity of their products. So, as Sir Isaac Newton remarked: “IfI have seen further, it is bystanding on the shouldersofGiants" (Isaac Newton, 1675). Certainly, Value Chain Development was pioneered by Michael Porter in his 1985 book "Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance” (Michael Porter, 1985). He used the idea to show how companies add value to their raw materials to produce products that are eventually sold.

Our Company trains people so that each within the production line becomes a Value Chain Managers looking for opportunities in which s/he can contribute to add value to the business so as to attract a higher lucrative price for the product.

Subsequently, our Company is dealing with the Supply Chain Management comprising of: the flow of information, products, materials, funds between different stages of creating and selling a product to the end user which is every step in the process including;creating a good or service, manufacturing it, transporting it to a place of saleandselling it.



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