Intelligent Network Access

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iConnectivity - Connected via Intelligent Network Access

Each device will be equipped with signal transmitter and receiver. Connectivity is achieved over the reusing electric, water other connectors. All these will act as medium of connectivity. When one wants to interact with other over network.. they happen in 2 different homes, device will get the intelligence how to connect to other with tapping on the central network hub.. it will find the best possible way to connect either use direct connection if reachable or over electric or water pipelines connecting them.

Intra City hub networks: These are local community network that is built with grassroots, flexible network architecture, providing an private ownership structure, free shared access to the Internet and the option for local interactions outside the commercial Internet;

Peer-to-peer systems with encryption that enable the distributed implementation of otherwise centralized services like searching, storage, content distribution, and accounting for online currencies, and many more;



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