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According to Chris Hedges 2003, war is an active conflict that has claimed plenty of lives, out of the 3,400 years of human existence, humans have been at peace for just 268 years of them, or just 8 percent. Estimate for total number of people killed in wars throughout all of human history range from 150 million to 1 billion. War has taken more civilian lives more than that of the soldiers. Between 1900 to 1990 43 million soldiers died in wars, during the same period 62 million civilians were killed. More than 2 million children were killed in wars during the 1990s, three times that number were displaced or seriously injured. Women in war zones are forced into prostitution to provide for their homes and they are at risk of contacting HIV. In Nigeria Boko Haram insurgency has claimed a lot of lives, an American council of foreign relation (CFR) report on Boko Haram dated 8 August 2018 Stated that over 20,000 to over 35,000 people have been killed in violence involving the group Boko Haram and Nigerian armed forces. These statistics about war have revealed that war is highly detrimental to human existence and all hands need to be on deck to preserve world peace and justice. INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE is my own innovation, this is a nonprofit organization saddled with the responsibility of trying to prevent future wars and also preserve world peace and justice, through these ways.

1:Facilitating dialogue and providing rapid response in impending crises

2:Raising awareness and enhancing methodologies for formal and informal education that foster a peaceful handling of conflict

3:To restore the lives of individuals and families affected by conflict by helping them rebuild their lives and helping them reintegrate back into the society. This way victims of war such as internally displaced persons and child soldiers have a chance of breaking out of the perpetual cycle of violence.

4:Encouraging creative ways of carrying the message of peace to the public view. Food for thought. "World peace is possible if we all think is possible, but when leaders and citizens think that enemies are everywhere or that their best way to move ahead ( or to heaven) is attack then world peace will be a pipe dream"..



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