International management for education of refugee youth

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no doubt that the task of preserving young people from loss and directing them in the right direction that serves the process of community development as they are the most valuable wealth of any nation is not an easy task, especially for countries that are subject to wars and crises, where these young people become vulnerable to despair in light of the traumas and tragedies turned their lives straight On the heels.

So the role of the international community in the necessity of preserving these young people as a wealth for their homelands. The burden of rebuilding and acquired wealth for the countries of asylum , that they are actors, not interactors, contribute in the development process side by side with the indigenous population.

From my site, I, as a refugee, suffered from the tragedy of asylum in a foreign country
that is Turkey
speaking a different language from my language.I have noticed a major defect in the matter of rehabilitating refugee youth and providing them with the language and professional skills necessary to integrate them into the labor market.

The organization was absent from education and was characterized by randomness and the absence of strategic goals, which made it take a formal character, not up to the level of suffering and tragedies suffered by these young people, All of this is due to the absence of integrated programs and sound management that were supposed to work to find solutions to the problem, not just to manage it.

So the importance of this program, which puts accurate and comprehensive steps that are all towards achieving the required strategic goal,in which the program includes the following steps :

  • Putting the entire issue under international management and not leaving it to the local authorities in the countries of asylum .
  • Working with civil society organizations hand in hand through an integrated program so that these organizations are complementary to the work of international management.
  • Focusing on language as a first stage because it is the primary key to communication
  • Establishing an accurate and comprehensive database that can be worked on and updated periodically
  • Promote the principle of entrepreneurship and work to develop creative and creative thinking among these young people
  • secure the minimum standard of living for the families of these young people ( rent
    bills )
  • Allocating a symbolic amount of money that will motivate them to learn and make them feel independent and not needing their families



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