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In Teluk Meranti district, there are 4887 people or 1309 family heads of the original Akit tribe, which are spread throughout the sub-district. They face discrimination by the majority because of their religion and ethnicity. As a result of the discrimination, Akit tribes generally do not have citizenship documents, there are no identity cards (KTP), passports, birth certificates, or banking data so that it is difficult to get access to basic services, such as health services, education and other social assistance.

Information technology is believed to be a solution to this problem, through this information technology, each ethnic group can actively access the population administration system through the population application and public services that are connected in the Android mobile phones of each community. The use of this information technology reduces direct interaction between the ethnic people with village, sub-district and district officials so that discriminatory barriers and distance can be overcome. To implement the application of population to the ethnic group, it is necessary to form cadres in each community who are able to operationalize this application. These community cadres are managed through a network of organizations at the district level and are connected with the population office. Therefore, Scale Up proposes to use this information technology for the indigenous minority of Akit to obtain citizenship rights for justice, equality and peace.



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