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People in conflict settings are often so overwhelmed and traumatized that they have reduced ability to take care of themselves or people around them. This is reflected by the fact that mental disorders are twice as prevalent in these settings.

Most people remain without treatment due to (1) shortage of mental health providers, (2) stigma resulting in poor health seeking behavior, and (3) prioritization of other needs by humanitarian organizations.

We address this with a digital mental health solution and by training non-professionals with understanding of local culture & language (our wellness experts) to guide people on a self-help problem-solving therapy. Stigma barriers are reduced by anonymity, and quality and referral is ensured through professional supervision.

In this way, we aim to equip people affected by conflict with the support and skills to be more resilient against the harsh conditions they live in. We have trained wellness experts to support >60.000 people across Africa and shown this reduces depression/anxiety scientifically (see the TED talk by our co-founder, psychiatrist Dr. Dixon Chibanda).

Now we want to make this digitally available for young refugees across the world via our digital platform, by training wellness experts with understanding of their local language and culture.



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