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Investing or practising small scale farming in developing countries has increase risk. This is due to the reasons of climatic change, conflict, economic crises ,market price fluctuation (especially in horticulture products ),disasters such as floods ,famine,pests and diseases attack .This effects overall production therefore leads to hunger. Hunger index have been increasing for 3 years now. In FAO report of Sept 2018 had shown that the major reasons of the increase are wars, climate and economic crises.


We enable people to invest via online platform and have interest in multiple small scale farms equity. We pool the money invested to various farms owned by farmers, found in various areas,produce various crops and serve various markets. Farmers contribute land and labour power as their investment.

We work with professional farm management corporations in assisting farmers in production management and supply them with farm resilience. We ensure each farm serves local and external markets.

Through an online platform investors are accessed to :

-Regular updates of farms progress via text ,pictures and videos.

-Regular earnings, net asset value per share and investment analysis.



-It reduce risk to both farmers and investors as it provide much more diversification than owning a single farm.

-It increase investment in small scale farming which leads to high yields.



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