IOT-enabled elimination of diesel/gas hot water generators

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More than 60% of the worlds industrial power input is rejected as waste into the environment.

At the same time, there is a strong pressure on clean manufacturing and costs in most plants. Both top management as well as policy pushing towards lowering carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels by 30-50% in next decade.

Promethean Energy builds innovative thermal energy solutions to help reduce the fuel consumption and carbon footprint of our target sectors by 50-70%. Through a mix of innovative heat recovery solutions and low carbon heating solutions, we are aiming to completely eliminate fuel-based hot water generators.

We are targeting industries which require low grade heat (less than 150 C), which includes textiles, automobile, pharma, food & beverages, FMCG, hotels and hospitals which account for over 30% of the overall heat demand in the world.

While our products are extremely innovative, our business models are quite novel which is encouraging industries for fast adoption of these products. We provide our systems on a profit-sharing model, where the end industries have to pay ZERO upfront investment, and only need to share their savings with us. This leads to faster decision making, higher quality of products and more carbon savings.

While we are already savings close to 50,000 tons of carbon emissions per annum, we wish to scale up and help reduce the carbon footprint of the world by 10 million tons per annum.



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