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IreapConnect Team is a dedicated agricbusiness aggregators and market developers. We use Crowdsourcing Concepts – a situation where every willing person is a courier man once you own a vehicle or truck and smart phone, we will offer you an opportunity to join our personalized informal logistic networks of cost-effective freights deliveries from rural farmer to off-taker/buyers in potential markets at a marginal cost.

How we achieved these is simply by aggregation and personalized freight delivery system. Here, we gather farm produce from rural farmers and move the produce to a Commodity Exchange/Collection Hub where we open a negotiation (aggregate) between producers (farmers) and off-takers/buyers either through our “Online to Offline” business model
you can make orders online and make purchases at our physical hubs and vice versa; and the freights delivery is done through private vehicles and truck owners going towards the customer’s destination .

This is a tested, cost-effective and sustainable informal logistic supply chain solutions used by global logistics service providers like Amazon, Zipment, DHL, Uber among others to deliver freights to last mile clients in new markets.

These we have done and have created a “gig economy” with our Crowdshipping solutions for smallholder farmer’s network in terms of improving their livelihoods and overall income levels in Cross River, Ebonyi, Benue and Taraba States in Nigeria.



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