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⅓ of farmer's produce is lost because of inefficient transportation. Farmers who need to sell their goods become bankrupt because they can’t access market easily and small traders are unable to locate these farmers and as a result, goods become expensive and not accessible in some regions and most of the time, farmers have these agricultural products at a cheap price. This leads to needless hunger and death across the globe.

What we are doing is that we are connecting Small traders or any Buyer to farmers through a service that will allow farmers to see near cheap transport that can take their produce to a trader, a normal buyer or to the market and it will also help traders to show and locate where goods they wants are and farmer selling them.

For example, if a driver is traveling from place A to place B, they can also carry goods from A to B. we want to connect this kind of drivers to farmers for better transportation of their goods to the market or to a trader who wants it. Farmers and traders can access this service through any mobile either using USSD or downloading the app. A trader can locate farmers who have what he wants and contact them through our service and if they agree on the deal, the farmer would also locate drivers who were registered on our service and the driver would take these goods to the trader.

This will allow smooth flow of goods, hence help people fulfill their basic needs, have access to sufficient and nutritious food and contribute to the community without hunger. it will also transform rural areas by empowering small traders and farmers to sell their goods with equal access to technology and market. We believe that by helping all those small traders and farmers who impact all our lives every single day, will provide more jobs, reduce poverty and make all our lives better. we are bringing them to the next level using technology as trade is the backbone of the economy. We are so excited to see this vision becoming a reality.



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