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Human population increasing to 10 billion by 2050; climate changes and its adverse effects are rampant and it is having a negative impact on agricultural production; rapid urbanization happening resulting in less arable land
All these factors are leading to an urgent requirement of increasing agricultural production.

When the cities are expanding, the number of skyscrapers are also increasing. If you look around, there are a large amount of space going empty or wasted as balconies and rooftops. If we utilize this space of balconies and rooftops for agricultural purpose, we will be able to supplement the requirement of vegetables for the urban community.

iSAYU is a fully automated soil-less farming system for homes which are IoT enabled. These systems can be placed in the balcony with minimum space invasion. They can be placed on the wall or can be suspended from the ceiling . There are rooftop versions of iSAYU and can be used to produce fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers,strawberries etc.

Based on the " Grow your own food " concept,if we motivate each and every family in the urban community to grow any vegetables or leafy greens, we are assuring a continuous supply of fresh, pesticide free,nutritious vegetables throughout and hence we can curb the malnutrition which is rampant among the urban society up to a certain extent.

When the urban society can be encouraged to indulge in agriculture, local produce will eliminate the necessity of transport and hence the pressure on supply chain can be reduced tremendously, which in turn will reduce the carbon emissions too.

Our system uses soil-less farming techniques such as aeroponics and aquaponics and it reduces the water usage up to 90 % . With the impending water shortage in sight, hence using our system may be the best solution to carry out farming at homes.

Our home farming units are affordable and as per the customers' requirement and buying power, the units are easily scalable. Urban community often lack time to indulge in the farming activities and our product being automated gives them an opportunity to successfully grow greens and veggies without much time or skill. Farming at home also help nurture the bonding and harmony in the household, which enhances mental health and well being of the community, in general.

Using iSAYU will help urban communities to produce fresh vegetable in the most sustainable and responsible manner



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