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On Ituri users can browse to find great network which includes traders, farmers, corporates, sportsmen, local celebrities, or to be in the know of what's trending in the business and entertainment sector. users can

Chat in real time


Connect directly to local and international businesses

Receive up to date information on prices of local goods and services in the trading markets

Up to date information on sensitization projects on diseases and climate change activities

The main features include a Business directory that connects users in rural areas with suppliers in China, The Middle East, India and rest of the globe. Information will be translated in the local languages spoken for easy communication between the parties involved.

The Ituri platform will offer in-app currency and activities that will allow the users to earn pay outs. Businesses will have the ability to conduct digital surveys within the app which will help improve the services they provide and help adapt to the changes in trends which will work in favor of future corporate strategies.

The Ituri platform will be perfect for creating aggressive awareness on climate change and how Africa and the rest of the world are affected. This will encourage users to participate in environmental protection.

Ituri will help nongovernmental organisation by creating awareness and education on; Capacity Building, Community Engagement, Locally-Driven Behavior Change, Public-Private Partnerships, Technical Specialties, Agriculture & Food Security, Health, HIV & AIDS, Cross-Cutting Themes, Economic Development, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Women’s Empowerment, Youth Empowerment, Applied Expertise, Mining and Resettlement



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