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Ivariant by Open World gives unlimited access to use, create and collaborate in virtual reality for all the people in the world. VR is the world without borders!

Ivariant solution provides millions of people in remote locations unique opportunities to get affordable doctors care, educate, communicate, learn programming skills, and open the world by using the best of what virtual reality can give in the modern world.

As web-based application Ivariant is accessible in real time from any point of the world. VR projects can be showen and introduced to different communities in real time, and become not just stand alone solutions, but the whole VR infrastructure where everybody can act as independent VR citizen, at the same time staying as the part of global VR society.

Technologies behind Open world platform make it universal:

  • Unity driven: means more than 4 mln. developers all over the world now;
  • SAAS: means open for everybody to create, manage, change and adopt projects and platform itself;
  • Web-based but still available in off-line mode means accessible without stable internet signal.

And what makes Open world platform unique is that all these technologies are under one roof of easy to use interface, which can be used without applying programming skills.

Open world by its mean is built for VR diversity, flexibility and accessibility.

  • Valuable VR solutions can be now used and distributed by any individual globally.
  • Any individual can collaborate and contribute with other people from all over the world.
  • Ivariant by Open world is scalable and cost efficient solution, which blows out all barriers for marginalized communities to be the part of incredible development of VR, one of the most promising technologies of XXI century.



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