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Lack of access to clean drinking water is a major development challenge facing communities in informal and rural settlements in Kenya resulting in Water borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhea. Women in the community spend a significant amount of their time caring for family and friends who are ill. This escalated water borne diseases especially diarrhea which affects millions of people worldwide, having the greatest impact on children, especially in Sub Saharan Africa. Our innovation

Jiko Raha: a fuel efficient biomass stove featuring an inbuilt jacket that can be filled with 3 liters of water enabling user to simultaneously boil water whilst cooking thus sanitizing it thus Reducing water borne diseases prevalence rate among-st children and women in poor households as a result of drinking untreated water through. Though technologies do exist, majority of populations in target areas have limited access due to prohibitive recurrent costs. The innovation now combines a sieve to remove small particles, an extra storage for the sterilized water to avoid counter contamination which holds 10 liters at a time. It’s portable and have ease of use for even people with low literacy levels.


  • Reduction in health costs related to H-pylori, diarrhea, Typhoid and amoeba infections cases among-st women and children aged 0-5 years in vulnerable households thus meeting basic needs,
  • More consumption of safe drinking water in early child hood and primary schools.
  • Increased school attendance
  • Reduced morbidity and mortality due to consumption of water that’s not sanitized thus improved life expectancy amongst children aged 0-15 years
  • Normal child growth due to reduction to stunting causing catalysts amongst children aged 0-10 years
  • Achievement of universal availability of basic drinking water in households in humanitarian and marginalized areas.



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