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In most African Countries, aside agriculture, handicraft is one of the major means of livelihood for those who cannot afford to get academic qualifications. It is also a means of employment for graduates who cannot secure pay employments. The challenge is that these artisans often find it difficult to connect to their potential clients due to the unstructured nature of this sector. As a result of this, some privileged individuals who function as middlemen have subjugated the artisans to accept any service fee they are offered due to lack of access to a large market.

Spatium, a tech start-up based in Nigeria recently identified that the key to unlocking the potentials of African artisans is to automate service delivery of these artisans. As a result of this, we are developing a web and mobile application that would ease and quicken the connection of artisans
using geolocation, with their potential clients. The platform is called JORNYMAN. Using JornyMan, artisans can easily connect with their potential clients even if they are in an unfamiliar environment.

This platform will increase artisans’ opportunities to a larger market and income. The online platform will serve as a meeting point for both artisans and their potential clients. It also offers immediate virtual payments to artisans upon delivery of jobs and ensures clients are satisfied with the jobs done. This provides a sense of protection for both clients and artisans, serves as a market place for artisans, improves the level of trust between artisans and clients, and also saves artisans cost of advertisement and renting shop while also saving clients cost and energy.

In line with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, JornyMan ensures that artisans in Africa and other developing nations have access to decent work and economic growth and also reduce inequalities. This platform gives equal chance of accessing jobs to artisans all over the world and consequently reduce world poverty rate.



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