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Our solution addresses Climate change in General, but at the same time we are solving the Problem of Energy poverty and the death caused by respiratory disease from indoor pollution through the use of hydrocarbon based fuel for cooking and for electricity.

Our technology is a conformed solar cells with an embedded system that breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen, which can be used to cook and to produce electricity. It works by taking in water from any piping channel just like the domestic washing machine, it breaks down the water to hydrogen which is stored in two inbuilt storage cylinders the primary and the secondary storage, the primary storage is channelled to an inbuilt electrolytic fuel cellwe designed produce electricity without the need for batteries, the secondary storage is channelledto a micro burner which we also design to burn the gas for cooking. Our technology comes with IOT safetyfeatures and Sensors for detecting gas leakage and shutdown mechanism. It is a complete zero emission energy system that completely replaces the domestic use of Hydrocarbon base fuel in electrical Generators and Propane Gas cooker.

In Nigeria 90% of household offgrid electricity and cooking gas is produced from hydrocarbon base generator, this type of fuel contribute hugely to climate change and respiratorydiseases. The currently solutions we have for rural electrificationis solar panels, and our solution does not only use solar panels but a complete solution that can also generate cooking gas as an all in one solution to completely reduce householdcarbon footprint.



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