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In uganda, agriculture is a major economic activity and it sustains more than 70 percent of the total population.

The biggest challenge though still facing agriculture is accessibility to the market especially for people in rural areas where the producers have produce and they can not find market and the buyers want produce but they also find it difficult to find them. Considering the fact that, a good number of individuals have now acquired smart phones and can access internet, Katale application is a good innovation where producers can always upload their produce to increse accessibility to the market and buyers can always go their to buy whatever produce that they want.

The chosen produce can then be delivered to the buyer upon payment such that the buyers do not have to travel long distances to acquire the produce that they want.

This will help rural communities to increase their access to new supply chains and markets in order to create better livelihoods for themselves as there will not be need for buyers to travel all around the villages in search for products which will be available to them online. On the other hand, the sellers won't have to suffer a lot in search for market of their produce.

Not having access to quick market has often led to exploitation of the farmers effort as some individuals have always taken advantage of that to acquire produce at unimaginably low prices keeping the life of a farmer in a still very difficult situation.

Katale is a web application(Already under development) and a mobile app will be developed later on after the system is completed.



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