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Kenlighten is a digital social learning platform (PaaS) that can be used to create and disseminate/publish digital blended courses/ebooks. The idea is to make it an affordable service to all sections of the society regardless of economic backgrounds.

Kenlighten is technically very advanced in its architecture and has been developed by using the latest cutting edge, but mature, technologies.

We firmly believe that it is only through knowledge that we can uplift humanity. A well educated society can be more innovative in resolving the issues they face in various facets of their existence. We want to truly make it a digital global knowledge village.

Through Kenlighten we wish to bridge the knowledge divide that exists between the rural and the urban class, the rich and the economically deprived, the developed and the third world nations. Kenlighten can also be used to reduce the expectations gap between academia and industry.



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