Kolibri: Bringing the Online Learning Revolution Offline

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One in three children and youth around the world are either not in school at all, or in school but not achieving basic numeracy and literacy. At the same time for half of the world's learners, the lack of access to the Internet makes it impossible to benefit from digital open educational resources (OER) and software tools that could support their learning. The Internet has enabled:

  • The creation and distribution of OER—videos, textbooks, lessons and quizzes—that serve as effective replacements or supplements to government-issued textbooks and
  • The use of blended or personalized learning platforms which track student performance data and help students make guided, informed progress through material, and help teachers deliver more personalized instruction to their students.

Teachers and students with limited or no Internet connectivity are unable to use the tools that address their learning needs, thus widening the gap with those who have such opportunities.

As a non-profit organization, Learning Equality's projects help to bridge the digital divide by providing low-resource, low-connectivity communities with access to digital OER and tools normally accessed online. Learning Equality supports educators all over the world in utilizing these materials and tools to support blended learning, personalized learning, and advanced content management, so that content can be organized, aligned to a local curriculum.

Learning Equality’s newest product, Kolibri, is an open-source educational platform that is specifically designed to provide offline access to a curated and openly-licensed educational content library with tools to support pedagogy. The Kolibri ecosystem includes the Kolibri application, the Kolibri Studio curriculum tool, a library of more than 75,000 resources in multiple languages, and a customizable and adaptable Kolibri Toolkit containing pedagogical and technical guidance for using Kolibri and creating effective learning environments.

Learning Equality’s vision for scaling its work includes strategic partnerships with organizations that can utilize Kolibri in education programming and are aligned with the mission to enable every person in the world to realize their right to a quality education.



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