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Improving the livelihoods and providing a decent work for the rural community and the unemployed is a luxury that cannot be afforded or provided. Economic growth through decent work encompasses a lot of endeavors and Revo Carts is poised to enter the cart Manufacturing sphere by offering this unique product to a teeming number of rural communities.

Revo carts produces highly efficient cart using cheap resourcesand available technology like the solar that harnesses lithium battery energy to power a motor thatautomates thewheelsof thepneumatic tires, providing smooth ride over rough terrain common in rural areas thereby conserving human energy. For more revenue generation for this rural users, the cart isgeared to complement the services of paid advertisement through the use of the sides of the cart to advertise therebyproviding more sales opportunities for other small businesses.

Revo Carts seeks to offer a product that will motivate rural communities and increase their access to new markets for the creation of better livelihoods.

Our targeted niche for impact and relevance are those unemployed youths, water vendors, manual labourers, wholesale and retail goodstraders and companieswho need to transports their goods on a daily basis that are faced with the struggle in using all human energy possible to earn a living from carrying loads and still not reaping profitably compared to the energy and time put into it.

Our products will decrease the risk of overexertion injury in jobs as a result of the designed Steering system which provides easy maneuverability of the cart.

In the long run, our products will eliminate hunger, poverty and lack of decent work because of the improved efficiency of the Cart with a motor driven wheel that enables users to carry more load as compared to the manual hand driven cart. Thus, more job performs, more money earned and a well improved livelihood.

The savings of these poor rural users will also improve as recurring cost for maintenance or health treatment as a result of hard labour will be reduced to the barest minimum.



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