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Kwanzaa Milk aim at reducing malnutrition especially micro-nutrients deficiency to the school aged children (1-15) in my community. From UNICEF, Tanzania have 35% vitamin A deficiency and the government takes ten years to reduce only 5%, 31.8% stunting of children, 3.5 % wasting of children. And with the recent average milk drink for one person which is 47 liters from Tanzania dairy body, but FAO recommend that one person should at-least drink 200 liter per year. In Tanzania we have 30.5 million cattle with produce 2.7 billion liters per annul and of that milk, only 56.2 % is processed locally and rest is processed by industries. The annual demand of milk stood at 11 billion litter of milk against actual production of 2.7 billion liters of milk. Tanzania have capacity of producing 150,000 liter of milk while the capacity is 750,000 liters per day (from Tanzania ministry of livestock and fishery). When you compare the capacity of what we can produce and what we can process, they are a lot of milk which is lost.

Kwanzaa milk as a small food processing industry, produce two products which are:

1. Kwanzaa yogurt

-mixture of (Milk, Seaweed and Probiotic bacteria)

2. kwanzaa lishe

-mixture of (Milk,Orange fleshed sweet potatoes powder, Seaweed and Probiotic bacteria)

Benefits of our products and uniqueness are;

1. Milk
source of vitamins inform of sold fat vitamins (A,D,E and K)

2. Seaweed
source of minerals eg. Ca, Zinc, P, Selenium and more essential and non-essential minerals

3. Orange Fleshed sweet potatoes
source of vitamin A inform of Beta carotene and other vitamins

4. Probiotic bacteria
reduce diarrhea, prohibits uncles from happening, keep children active while in class

These produced products try to solve the issue of malnutrition, milk post harvest loss and increase milk drinking habit to the community.

The other benefits of this solution are 1. the model can be duplicated and very stable 2. The produced products are affordable 3. the products use natural available ingredients 4. the solution address the problem to the specific group of people.



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