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Integrated approach in Environment and Sustainable development are very important through sustainable management and development practices of all natural resources. The most powerful reason is to address priority environmental problems affecting society and this may result in focused action gradually progressing towardsSustainable environment management program. Good environmental and sustainable development and governance is paramount for enabling the full realization of sustainable management of all natural resources and it’s conservation.

Multi-stakeholders participation from all levels helps governments further develop and strengthen the national, sub-regional and regional policies, laws and institutions underpinning environmental governance, and developtools and methods for environmental management for livelihoods development. Capacity building tools and services should be enhanced, states and other actors design and deploy tools to regularly monitor their natural resources and keep their environmental situation under review. Promoting increased coherence in internationaldecision-making processes related to the environment by facilitating cooperation on priority environmental issues in the regions and linking regional and global environmental agendas for livelihoods development in this region. Our goal is to achieve increasing resource efficiency and promoting sustainable lifestyles can contribute substantially to poverty alleviation of livelihoods and the transition towards low-carbon and green economies.

Conflicts and Leadership : The main problem being addressed is livelihoods. Landscape degradation is not a major problem as the committees have been working on that for years. The problem is how to turn the natural resources into assets for livelihoods. This mainly involves institutional interventions and also substantial amount of technical capacity building of the local communities.



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