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LAWYERPP is a web and mobile app which facilitates access to justice by equipping lawyers with the tools to run virtual law firms from their smartphones or personal computers. Its Panic Button functionality also ensures that ordinary persons get help as quickly as possible from next-of-kin and lawyers within close proximity in emergency situations.

Access to reliable and cost-effective legal representation is a challenge that plagues even the average Nigerian, and the notion that legal services are oft unaffordable (alongside some level of mistrust of the machinery of justice in Nigeria) has fueled the default attitude of a lot of Nigerians to not seek redress in the courts of law. By democratising law practice, and making the tools needed to succeed available to lawyers of all classes and levels of experience in Nigeria, LAWYERPP is gradually demystifying this notion.We recognise that the access to justice challenge is worse for forcibly displaced persons and migrants, but we understand that by giving everyday people access to a large pool of competent and reliable legal practitioners to whom they can entrust their concerns, and from whom they can sometimes obtain free counsel on our solution, this challenge will be gradually eroded.

We also recognise that Africa plays host to a number of states, including Nigeria, with appalling human rights records, and it is primarily for this reason that the Panic Button functionality was conceived. The Panic Button – available on the mobile app
allows a user, on the apprehension or occurrence of an arrest (or a crime or an accident) to immediately notify his or her next-of-kin and lawyers within close proximity of his or her circumstances and location. The user's location then continues to be updated every minute so that his or her pick-up and drop-off locations can be tracked in real time.

The app will shortly launch a Sexual Harassment Help Desk to encourage the reportage (by a victim or a thirdparty) of incidences of sexual harassment immediately they occur. These reports will then be channeled to organisations with the tools and reach to address these issues on behalf of the victims.

We are excited that our work aligns with the Innovation for Peace and Justice Challenge and are thrilled to be partners in solving the access to justice challenge across the world, one country at a time.



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