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Food insecurity is the societal problem our project would address. According to World Food Program, access to sufficient qualities of nutritious food remains an issue for millions of Haitians. An estimated 3.8 million 38 percent of the population is food insecure WFP 2012.This problem impacts people lives many ways like: education and health. It affects also their performance on work so the national economic growth.

Our solution is a food platform connecting entrepreneurs in food industry while using AI and ML in order to create a value chain (from the farmers to customers) to face the food insecurity in Haiti. With this innovative solution our community can democratize the price of food and allow the free circulation all over the country particularly in the northern Haiti. This solution not only will provide food to the major of the population but also will resolve the waste food representing a big lost for a country as Haiti.

We address this challenge by these 5 ways :

  • First of all provide healthy food in a lower price. We do that by building a strong network of farmers and producers through a value chain .
  • Secondly we avoid the waste food by using the High tech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, appropriated manufactures and processes on the food industry : all the food wasted could feed a major part of the population 3.8 millions people who are highly affected .
  • Thirdly we build a strong community of clients interconnected with high education on the nutrition field while we integrating the new technology in our solution in order to do more with less, to reach them and to serve them better.
  • Fourthly we facilitate food access to people by developing a chain of restaurants and creating a platform allowing farmers and small entrepreneurs to sell their food online easily and earn money. We are developing a strong distribution chain to solve the lack of food.
  • And finally we provide materials and training to farmers in order to empower their work and increase their production .



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