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Leaf Plus, employs an idea of using areca leaves in producing leaf plates and green products that is simple yet worthy. The small idea envisages in generating big impact in building a livable world for mankind or provides space for co-existence of nature and mankind by adopting sustainable ways of generating and consuming naturally available resources. To state it differently, the production as well as consumption of final products of Leaf Plus is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Leaf plus has added good values to the areca leaf which were a waste once. From locally available waste natural leaf we have brought up a solution to the global issue of climate change caused by single use plastic disposable by replacing it with our eco-friendly natural disposable plates. After the use of these plates(thrown away plates after use) it is again used in making of cocopeat which is used as the soil in gardening this helps on generating circular economy. From a waste leaf to plates to cocopeat has given a huge opportunity in generating circular economy with its direct impact on saving mother earth by reducing use of plastic plates and utensils.



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