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We are reducing barriers to education and skills training for displaced youth by working on the link between education and employment.

Learning Blocks is a skills-based education certification system powered by blockchain technology that is designed to give refugees and displaced people a way to effectively certify their learnings and showcase what they have learned to unlock better future opportunities. We started it after creating education programs for refugees and realizing the huge certification problem that refugees are facing. Even when they are receiving quality education in their host country, they do not receive a certificate by the NGO to be able to prove their education, especially since most of this education falls in the non-formal sector. This systemic issue is preventing refugees from reaping the full benefits of education and obtaining better work opportunities.

To solve that, we built a system for education providers to certify individual skills, courses, and workshops and issue permanent, verifiable, personalized, student-owned certificates that contain encrypted attachments of what was taught in the course as well as the student’s actual work. Our certificates are encrypted on the blockchain for permanence, fraud elimination, portability, privacy. All certificates can be linked together even if issued by different education providers so refugees have a verified, and time-stamped portfolio of learning accomplishments that they control and can share with employers and educators. Our certificates are issued by the course provider, and we are adding a feature to submit prior learning to retrieve it by issuing backlogged certificates when possible or by linking with assessment organizations to re-certify lost learnings. In addition to that, some of our future features will include analytics on how and where their certificates are being viewed and shared as well as personalized guidance on which education to take to fill gaps for desired jobs. Learning Blocks is creating a better link between education to employment for refugees who are learning in different ways. It is developing a more adequate system to showcase their skills so that they can freely create their education journey and participate in the global economy.



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