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Alison Learning Centres (ALCs) are an innovative network of approved locations introducing online learning to local communities around the world.

For many around the world, online learning is inaccessible. Millions are still without internet access, need assistance with computers, and advice on how to start and maintain their online education. Alison Learning Centres [ALCs] are an initiative for directly confronting these challenges. At an ALC, those without direct access to online learning, or who need or can benefit from technical or learning support, can find the facilities, community, and support they need. ALCs enable learners to study on Alison online as part of a group, to avail of off-line tutor assistance, or to simply receive encouragement and advice on how to begin the exciting lifelong journey of online education and skills training. Focusing on certified learning with proctored assessments, the ALC programme also aims, where possible, to empower learners by introducing career opportunities to programme participants. LEAPinG  managers will reach out to local employers to explore options for finding work placement and employment opportunities for ALC graduates. Combined, these career opportunities, online education access, support, and encouragement make real differences to participants’ personal and professional confidence and employability.



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