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Problem:Today we are witnessing the fourth Industrial revolution. There are new technologies coming in every other day and the Job market is changing. According to a world bank survey around 40% of the jobs that exist today will not even exist within a decade. We need to educate our students to make them ready for the challenges of the 21st century. This condition is further getting worse due to:

  • Digital illiteracy and lack of digital infrastructure present in the rural areas of Pakistan where 60% of the population lives.
  • We still have the old education system in place which is outdated according to the needs of this century.
  • New teaching methodologies like introducing hands-on STEM learning are being introduced in the world but they are too expensive to deploy in the third world countries.
  • With the need of introducing education of new technologies to our students there is another problem arising which is of untrained staff who can teach these new concepts to the students.
  • The content that is being made to teach the students that is notlocalised due to which the students cant relate to it.
  • Just in US it is expected that STEM jobs will grow at 13% compared to all other jobs which will grow at the rate of 9%. Despite of high demand of STEM fields it is being seen that fewer girls choose to study STEM subjects at secondary school and university compared to boys.


LearnOBots is the pioneer in introducing STEM education in Pakistan. In the last 5 years we faced many challenges and understood the needs of the market. Our aim is to make makers, inventors and problem solvers of tomorrow who can solve the challenges of this century and aid in the economic empowerment of their families. Since start one of our goals was to provide the same level of quality education to students from marginalised communities and those in rural areas that we were providing in the elite schools. We conducted STEM teacher trainings, organised regular STEM club activities but there were still a lot of problems that came with this approach.

To make STEM hands-on learning more widespread, economical and easy to deploy we have developed RobotWala.RobotWala is world's firste-learning platform to provide STEM education to students from the age of 5 up-to 14. It comes with 500+ activities that have been selected according to future market trends. The domains include Robotics, 3D Designing, Electronics, AI, Coding, IOT, Game development and much more. On top of that most of the activities are also linked with the school Science, Mathematics and Computer Subjects that further enhances school knowledge in a fun hands-on way. It also includes a hardware educational kit that is linked to the online learning system. All the activities are hands-on, with colourful animated video lectures that have interesting characters that the students can relate to. For effective learning, with every video lecture the students perform either a software based activity or on the hardware educational kit that is related to what they have learned in the lecture.

This RobotWala e-learning platform has solved the following problems:

  • Lack of digital infrastructure and expensive solutions: We have brought down the infrastructure deployment cost by creating a sharing model. The cost per student is only $2 a month to use our system which can be further brought down depending on the number of students. This cost includes one hardware educational kit and a tablet per student and the platform monthly subscription Fee. Also the platform can be run on an offline mode that works in places with no internet.
  • Digital illiteracy: Depending on the level of understanding of the student, the system is designed in a way that if a student is digitally illiterate, our system first teaches them basic computer skills before jumping to complex activities.
  • Old school curriculum: Our curriculum is based on the latest upcoming technologies in the next 10
    20 years.
  • Untrained staff: With RobotWala the teachers don't have to go through extensive teacher trainings, the platform takes care of all the technical teaching and teaches the students itself through animated videos and hands-on activities, the teacher only moderates the session.
  • Localisedcontent: RobotWala content is in three languages at the moment; Urdu for Pakistan, Turkish for our client in Turkey and English for UK and other clients. We have also made animated characters in cultural outlook and have given local examples.
  • Reducing the gender gap in STEM: We worked on RobotWala with Spring Accelerator based out of UK that works with companies that empower girls around the globe. RobotWala includes activities that are specifically made to create more interest in girls towards STEM fields.

We made RobotWala after working in the STEM field for the last 5 years and webelievewith its innovative, economical, scalable and sustainable delivery mechanism to provide STEM education to masses we will create a huge difference in society by providing the same quality of 21st century education to the rich and the poor.



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