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LegaGreen is a blockchain investment system in renewable energy (purchase and sale shares), where people from over the world can acquire shares of Solar and Wind energy projects through micro investments, obtaining the direct profitability of the project without going through intermediaries.The solution provides a secure investment thanks to blockchain, based on Smart Contracts that guarantee transactions between investors and Generators, making transactions transparent and incorruptible since each transaction generates a Token that is automatically sent throughout the network of Ehtereum globally. The Solution increase the level of participation of the population in the construction of renewable energy, Make a fair trade between investors and generators, the last one who will obtain the necessary capital cost to build those projects in different regions in the country that probably are not bankable, increasing commerce and job positions in rural communities; Accelaretes the energy transition into renewables in each country and reduce costs of due diligence processes (technical and legal) for Investent, also increase the profitability of people who invest in the projects. This technology; base on STO’s (Security token Offers) backed by tangible asset, eliminates processes, costs and intermediaries.



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