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Libe Green Innovation is a social entreprises registered in Tanzania that deals with waste management in Tanzania main land with the aim of solving Climate change in Environmental deals and unemployment crisis.

Libe Green Innovation collects, treats, seggregate and recycle waste plastic that are in the Environment through Community engagement by employing waste pickers about 200 in Dar es salaam and organizes events that creates more awareness on how to fight climate change and plastic pollution by managing the waste in the Environment.

Through the collection of plastic alot of people are employed in the Libe Green Innovation but also Young Generation are taught in schools on how to fight climate change by planting trees, and different workshops for waste fashion show.

Libe Green Innovation as been a champion in Tanzania through winning different awards in fighting climate change as Tony Elumelu foundation as a seed capital of $5000 but still we need finance in fighting climate change to attend more regions and more countries as well. Environment is much important than anything else hence it's our duty to show love,care and commitment to support people, Companies, Organisation who are really committed in changing our Earth to be a better place of living.



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