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Poor health outcomes can often lead to distrust in local communities. Maternal death, especially in the developing world, is due to lack of justice. Globally, about 71 million people have been displaced due to prosecution, conflict, violence. In Africa, 12 million people were displaced. Nigeria accounts for about 3.3 million. Out of the 3.3 mIllion, women and children constitute more than 50 percent. Many of these children displaced succumb to anemia resulting from malaria complications. Our solution addresses innovation for peace and justice by preventing the death of vulnerable children from severe malaria anemia and by providing access to essential medical products to reduce maternal mortality, an issue that kills over 37,000 women annually in Nigeria.

LifeBank uses data, smart logistics and a combination of ubiquitous technology like feature mobile phones and motorcycles, and high technology such as AI and blockchain, to help health workers discover essential medical products. In addition to discovery, we deploy our smart logistics system to deliver these products to hospitals on time and in the right condition. LifeBank delivers the blood requested in less than 45 minutes, in a WHO Blood Transfusion Safety compliant cold chain. We are also working on improving oxygen access across hospitals in Nigeria by delivering on-demand emergency medical oxygen to hospitals.

We have also developed a blockchain powered product, SmartBag, that records and preserves manufacturing, supply and safety information of cold chain dependent essential medical products, like blood. For example, scanning the SmartBag tag on a pint of blood gives hospitals access to information about the donation, collection, screening, storage, and delivery processes involved in blood supply.

The launch of our Blood Oxygen Access Trust, a fund set up to provide emergency medical products to low-income Nigerians also ensures that our solutions are accessible to displaced populates in the country.



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