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Lifeway aims at solving both the hunger and the nutrition problems facing the world today.

Eight billion people live in the world today and this figure is estimated to increase to ten billion in the year 2050. Due to this growth there would be a rise in the demand for food worldwide. The global demand for food means there must be systems put in place which supplies highly nutritious food to consumers worldwide in order to satisfy both the hunger and the nutritional problem.

This is where Lifeway comes in. Lifeway is a brand that sources for food from local farmers who produce to meet standards which makes food safe for consumers. Lifeway uses innovative means to safely transport food produces to the required destinations in order to avoid post production losses and then processes food to make it convenient, accessible, speedy and affordable for the buyer. This would make healthy food competitive in the food market to meet the growing demand of food worldwide. Lifeway aims at creating an innovative and disruptive yet sustainable global food supply system that would meet the rise in demand for food worldwide.

Lifeway understands that access to food is a human right and we hope to meet the UN sustainable development goal to reduce hunger. But we do not just aim at reducing hunger. We also aim at reducing malnutrition and it's negative effects on the world's population. In doing this, we would be solving other problems such as reducing global food waste since food would reach the people that need it most. We would also help increase the declining income of farmers worldwide by partnering with local and vulnerable farmers who do not have access to the urban market and that are at a disadvantage due to their small size. We would also employ people from all age groups and this would help boost the economy of the countries we are operating in.

Lifeway is a company that believes in diversity, and we aim at recruiting people from all backgrounds with different experience. We believe this makes Lifeway strong and innovative.

With Lifeway we can solve both the world hunger and nutrition problem in one goal. We aim at making the urban populace more healthy since there is a fast decline in the health of consumers of food worldwide due to malnutrition caused by bad eating habits.



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