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Internet penetration in Africa is mainly confronted by two problems: lack of infrastructure and high cost.

In remote areas, far from the capital, the lack of communications and electricity have a financial and societal impact for a whole segment of the population and the new generations. This lack is very rarely taken into account.. Nevertheless Internet is a human right today (UN declaration July 2016). The growing of digital data consumption (such as the internet, SMS, video streaming, IOT ...) implicates that the communications networks, 3G / 4G, WiFi are increasingly saturated. To overcome this problem, the telecom operators or users are forced to use more powerful transmitters, generating electromagnetic waves, harmful intense radios to health or to multiply the number of transmitters which is highly costly.LIFI (Light Fidelity) integrated in 5G strategy is the solution to bring electricity to remote areas and thanks to it, last generation communication in the broad sense .ZERO1 is directly and officially involved in Dubai and Luxembourg in the deployment of LiFi in the countries 5G strategies.LiFi is an emerging technology in which light emitters transmit information wirelessly, using the visible light spectrum. This technology works similar to Optical Light Communication based on Infrared or Laser Beam. LiFi has already an international standard IEEE 802.15.7. LiFi can be used like transmission based on radio frequency, it’s mean to transmit low-debit like a beacon or Bluetooth technology, medium-debit like WiFi technology or high-debit until 10 Gbit/s.LiFi leads a communication between a LED light source, like light bulbs, panel, streetlight or others lighting fixtures and a smartphone, tablet, computer or all devices with a photosensor cell or photodiodes or camera. LiFi is low cost, low energy consumptions and green technology of communication.LiFi is unique in that the same light energy used for illumination is also used for broadband data communication. It is a platform technology with the potential to complement and extend existing capabilities of RF technology. LiFi provides a high-speed, secure, dense and reliable wireless network.A LiFi system is composed of multiple small cells, also referred to as a LiFi Atocell network since the cell sizes have radius of a few meters or less. Therefore, LiFi not only benefits from additional free spectrum, but it also takes the small cell concept to new levels because the light spectrum can and is reused more frequently compared to current mobile radio systems. As a consequence, a higher network capacity can be achieved.Zero.1’s invention provides a method of creating a new secured mesh network of communication by using the network of street lighting, in urban spaces, extra-urban and off urban area. This method is particularly possible by use the technology LED thatrevolutionisesthe lighting domain and leading numerous innovations.The street lighting network is used as a new mesh secured network of communication, independent of the telecom operator network, to send and transmit VOIP and SMS (communication, both based on radio frequency but also based on optical communication devices to ensure a secure transmission), to view camera stream, and other digital data emanating from streetlight. Each lighting fixture in the street acts like a node of communication. This lighting fixture is based on LED systems having a multimodal electronic card. This electronic card manages different technologies such as camera, Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth low energy, memory, LiFi driver and infrared emitter. The Intelligence and the invention of this card leads to a free, secured geolocalized sending and transmitting numerical data. Li-Fi driver (or infrared emitter) allows a secure access to a numerical data by a mobile application. Li-Fi leads a very high accuracy in the geolocalization of the user and its use of data.Our invention consists in describing a multimodal LED lighting endowed with a function of communication, with a multimodal electronic card managing various technologies (meteorological sensors, camera, storage management...), to form a new secured mesh network of communication and data exchange.Zero.1 solutions consists of a turn key solution of a multimodal street light, a LiFi router built in, a solar panel with battery and a modem (SIM) 3G/4G or satellite for connectivity.The solar panel will charge the batteries in order for the system to operate during the day and night solving the electrification problem of those designated remote areas. A sim card or satellite system or dish will connect the main street light to the internet. This mesh network will broadcast the internet access towards a series of connected street lights.The advantages of the system are energy efficiency as LED is a low power consumption system which avoids multiplying layers of modem and router. Solar panel attached to our system will bring communication to send and receive data in places where no cabling can be pulled and will bring a complete new dynamic in villages. The object of the invention is to make each urban lighting compatible with any LED Light, from one network of Lighting, to form a communication point of intelligence with sensors, memory, security, information and access to the digital world. Thus, the lighting network becomes a new communication network, which will be called the third layer of communication network.Bringing digital literacy along with lighting system to support education can create a new dynamic and vibrant eco-system to places that have been left behind far too long.LiFi applications are unlimited and the impact of this technology on society, it is certain that the impact will be omnipresent and transformative.The applications for LiFi are limitless and this technology’s impact on society has not yet been fully explored. However, it is certain the impact will be pervasive and transformative for those who will want to take in hand the destiny of those who do not have access to Zero.1’s Smart street light today that will enlighten access to digital literacy, bringing a better education, a better life for those in need.



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