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I'm convinced that Africa needs trade, not aid. The only way to grow the economy and move people up the pyramids is through trade. Trade that is sustainable, and trade that comes with the right support, tools, capital, among other resources to almost guarantee them growth and success.We support business owners at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) who today, are mostly financially excluded. They lack access to basic utilities and financial services. There's little room for growth. Quality of life and standard are pretty low.

Our work at Limestart to lead the digitization of small business owner's entire financial transactions overtime, translates to access to capital, improved scale, more income, and wealth creation.

Limestart is enabling the financial inclusion of the un-banked small businesses in Africa's informal sector
think of the average mom and pop shop and street vendor
to transition into the digital economy. In the simplest of ways, we help them create permanent, digital transaction records on sales and expenses, & enable them to accept flexible digital payments from their customers.

Limestart is a smart device that houses our proprietary software that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn patterns. Our product fully leverages hardware, software, payments, and analytics to provide a one-stop solution.

We thrive on a platform business model whereby we are the bridge between small businesses and financial institutions / services providers who are actively looking for a smarter way to serve these business owners with financially inclusive offerings that are smart, data-driven, and sustainable .



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