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Contex. Cluster of wood industries consist of Forest Management Unit(FMU), Logyard, Sawmill, Crafter, Industry of furniture, and Exporter. Those clusters are chain of wood business from up-stream to the down-stream. FMU, logyard, sawmill and crafter are called small enterprise, Industry of furniture is medium enterprise. And exporter is advanced enterprise.Most of SMEs have a lot of products but having difficulties to find market. However, exporter and industries of furniture can not fulfill all demand. This is a missing link of relation from upstream to the downstreamr. That situation has created broker to connect it. That makes high cost economic and pressure price of SMEs.

Existing Activities. LeSEHan that is supported by FAO, drive an project to monitor the impact of implementation of SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu / Timber Legality Assurance System). This project spreads to ten districts in three province (East Java, Jogjakarta, and Middle Java). In this activities, we find something more needed by every cluster. Most of SMEs need market not only in local and also to export.

Strategic of Development. SMEs will be connected to market by linkage in website. Every unit of business are able to contact and find their partner directly via linkage in website.

Activities will be driven in the next project are:

By adding locations which have potential of timber industry in West Java and Bali province.

Developing business portal on website to become:

  • Every SMEs, wood industry, and exporter are able to show their products and also to show what they need. Portal business will map defisit and surplus in every cluster.
  • Between SMEs, wood industry and exporter are able to contact and connect each other via website without broker.

Capacity building for SMEs to determine market and create branding.



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