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Our solution is focused on providing electricity to the 1.1 Billion people in the world who don't have it. Currently those without electricity use 'dirty' and expensive energy sources like kerosene and diesel generators. Additionally by 2030 there will be over 6 million lithium ion battery packs retiring from electric vehicles per year all needing a way to be recycled and find a second life.  

Our solution solves both of these problems. For our end customers, we provide batteries that are between 10K mAH and 3kwh. Our customers can use these batteries for lighting (replacing dirty and dangerous kerosene lamps), powering their laptop or TVs (replacing dirty and loud generators), and finally powering air conditioners or e-motorbikes (replacing noise and air pollution from ICE motorcycles).

On the environmental side, finding usages for second life batteries is critical, based on the 1 million electric cars sold in 2017, researchers calculated that 250,000 tonnes —half a million cubic meters—of unprocessed pack waste will result when these vehicles reach the end of their lives. Our solution creates a platform to reuse these end of life batteries and we are in early stage conversations with a large car maker about creating a partnership.



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