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Our solution responds to the challenge by combining two business lines: technology and finance.

The current reality in our country is the precariousness in rural areas. Any action taken in these areas without a positive impact on the well-being of the community in this area is doomed to failure if these communities do not have the financial means to benefit from it.

That's why we thought about creating a project that satisfies 100% rural communities.

In terms of technology, we would like to create a mobile application called LisungiTech that will be an e-commerce platform that will allow rural communities to do two things: Buy on the internet and sell on the internet.

To make this possible, we plan to create several relay points in the different urban and provincial cities. These relay points are called "Purchasing and Distribution Center" in abbreviated SDC or CDC (in french).

The SDC specializes in receiving items purchased on the Internet by rural communities and also receives items sold on the internet from rural areas. SDC is a kind of Hub that receives items imported from abroad and items to export to overseas.

The SDC must be equipped with high technology to scan inbound and outgoing items and must know the codes of all rural communities as delivery points.

All these transactions are simply made on the LisungiTech platform.

On the financial front, we wanted to lift the rural community out of its precariousness by offering it the opportunity to earn a recurring income that will allow it to develop its internet business and also consider itself a full-fledged player in the economy. World.

SECB10 is an acronym for "Base 10 Savings System"." It is an economic system based on Relational Marketing or Network Marketing. We started from the fact that African solidarity is a major asset to be put to good use.

Please see our document for more details on how the SECB10 System works.

In short, if the community has the money through SECB10, it will be happy to participate in the global economy in 4 steps: it will buy a smartphone, it will download the LisungiTech app, it will buy on the internet and it will sell its local products on the internet and will reassure the delivery of its inbound and outbound goods.



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