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Local content for development is an idea I hope to drive to enable local communities access to internet and sharing of local relevant information over wifi.

This involves the deployment of a community wide wireless network, powered by solar panels and inverters. It's like creating a local repository of knowledge for the community.

Content to be sourced from free/open source repositories. Education is the key element in this model.

Power/Electricity is a major setback os solutions in rural communities in Nigeria so we will be using customized devices fitted with long lasting batteries, preloaded with content from the repositories. They can also be charged using solar panels fitted on the device. The device automatically updates content from the repository even without the need to connect to the internet. (the server gets connected to update). It will be configured with a Local messaging function(completely stripped of unwanted content and encrypted)

These devices will be loaded with Learning Management Systems (LMS) to enable users learn at their own pace. this will be tracked and also stored on the server for reference and follow-up.

All running on wifi on a LAN.

Capabilities will include forums, suggestion batches, video broadcast, specialized knowledge sharing sessions via video broadcast, meetings and collaborations.

The device can also serve as a hotspot within a close range for more access, touch light for study.
Existing mobile phone users can have access but may be limited by battery/electricity issues on their device.



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